Join us Sunday, July 21st from 5-9pm in Atlanta for our first ever

As we honor the portal in which we all manifested into this dimension!

Let’s party under the setting sun as the orange hues mirror that of our sacred Sacral Chakra! Being that the Sacral Chakra governs creativity, pleasure, sensation and emotion, we have a line up that will ignite all of those facets.

Unwind with us this summer’s eve beside a beautiful salt water pool, drinking pretty pink lemonades as we activate our vitality and fluidity.

It’s going to be wet! It’s going to be hot! Sticky! Soft! Dripping! Healing! Pretty! And most definitely Divine!

Come to the 🌴PRETTY P🌸SSY POOL PARTY🌴 and honor YOU boo!

Dress code:
Vibrant bright colors.
Swim wear

What to bring:
Pot luck item
Alter item
Medicine wheel

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