Greetings my beloved Tribe,

Today, I give thanks for this snow day as I’m able to take time to reflect on the Spring Equinox and New Beginnings. This past Sunday was Powerful as we embraced all things excellent and new at our Dance Detox Ceremony and Spring Equinox New Moon Circle.

I’m humbled and joyful to be on this path with each of you and to have been chosen to lead you through. The deeper that I surrender to this work of humanity the more I change as a human. I am thankful for the opportunity to guide each of you on your own transformation, while simultaneously I am on the path of my own transitions.

IMG_1255unnamed (4)

Now I want each of you to reflect…and to think about this sentiment:

Life is short, do what you’re called to do.

Are we happy?

If the answer is no, why do you stay? Out of fear, doubt, finances?

I’m here to tell you; it’s time to open up and let it go.

We spent all winter hibernating and pondering, now that we’ve hit spring, it’s time to come out.

What do you want? Where does your heart want to go?

Transformation is not just about self-help, but onus, making things come full circle, transformation 360.

It has warmed my heart tremendously to witness and to be apart of the ever-evolving cycle of change. Thank you, Jean Merine, for capturing this experience as I’ve never seen it captured before. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

With Love and Power,