Life naturally slows down in winter. The days grow shorter, light becomes scarce, and we respond by planting ourselves in front of the television or hiding under the covers to stay warm. But how do you know when a seasonal slump is a more serious problem? Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that happens every year at the same time. Researchers have yet to uncover the specific cause for SAD. We do know however, that several factors are at play. The reduction in sunlight in winter can throw your biological clock out of whack and reduce levels of serotonin (a brain chemical that regulates your mood) and melatonin (a chemical which regulates sleep and mood).

If you are young and female, you are also at increased risk for SAD. People who live farther from the equator or have a family history of depression also experience the symptoms more frequently. I’ve been a bit off the grid nurturing my soul as so much is given much more needs to be put back in. I normally take at least a week to recover after my healing retreats as healers also need to heal. Salute to Mother Earth and all her transitions in this fall season. It’s so easy to get into a funk and so easy for bad vibes to slip in. I write about protecting your energy in my book Turn Your Magic on book. The remedy: Take a break! I take breaks often from social media in order to recover my time and energy. As a healer and an empath it’s vital.

Unplug– Taking time offline will help to reset the mind and help you to look upward towards the light. Rest- During this season it’s important to take time to get as much rest as possible to keep your mood in balance.bEat healthy- Stay away from processed and sugary foods especially during this time period where we are less active. Our bodies need so much love especially during a time where illness is on a rise.

Meditation and Movement – Meditation is the medicine. Meditation can be in many forms. Stillness is one but active meditation such as dancing or boxing is another way to bring positive flow to the mind body spirit connection. Remove stagnant negative energy by moving your body daily

Be of Service– Being of service to others is also a way of opening the heart to let the good in. When we offer love to another who may need it we then create an open space for healing to flow towards ourselves.

Keep positive company– Keep the connection of positive energy flowing. Meet with those who care about you and share your thoughts and feelings with those who understand you and have your best interest.

Spend time in Nature– It really doesn’t matter the weather conditions. Five minutes of just acknowledging nature and her beauty and her offerings can put you in a place of gratitude. Every season has purpose even the seasons that may be unfavorable. Know that it is just a reminder of where you are and who you are in this circle of life. Embrace Mother Nature in all of her elements and she will embrace you.